Professional development for quality
enhancement of learning and teaching

Case Studies

The following case studies outline the Participatory Action-Learning Projects designed, implemented and evaluated by the Transnational Teaching Teams. The case studies discuss aspects that worked well, the major challenges and areas for improvement, and contain links to the resources used and developed during the professional practice development.

Case Study 1

Communication and media studies: 1st year transnational teaching team

The transnational teaching team action-learning project focused on encouraging students in a core first year subject to interact across sites and increasing parity in assessment.

Case Study 2

Simulation of a socially innovative enterprise: final year transnational teaching team

In this interdisciplinary capstone subject, teams of students engaged in an online simulation. The participatory action learning project internationalised the curriculum, embedded academic language and literacy skills and increased parity and calibration of assessment.

Case Study 3

Information Systems: 1st year transnational teaching team

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Case Study 4

Internationalisation of the curriculum and inclusive pedagogies in the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies Program

The transnational program team’s action-learning project focused on further internationalising their degree program, scaffolding learning in relation to blogging throughout the degree, embedding academic language and literacies and increasing interaction between students across sites and across the three years of the degree.

Case Study 5

Transnational project-based learning in Information Technology and Information Systems: 2nd year transnational teaching team

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Case Study 6

Unpacking Effective Transnational Teaching Teams

This section provides a better understanding of issues affecting faculty across multiple campuses, including strengths and challenges of relationship management and the establishment of professional practices to support student learning including academic equivalence, contextualisation and customisation.

Case Study 7

Developing Induction Processes

This case study provides an overview of the process undertaken to develop a support mechanism for the induction of members of transnational teaching teams.